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‘BlackBerry likely to disappear in 2015’ says a survey

Is BlackBerry’s time up? The Blackberry lovers is having this question in their mind. This is due to the fact that nowadays we are not hearing anything about BlackBerry. In its glory days, BlackBerry (a.k.a. Research In Motion) have owned the market share of 19.5% in smartphone field. But the things begun to change with the release of Apple’s iPhone in 2007 and introduction of Google’s Android operating system in 2008. These two have brought down BlackBerry’s market share from 19.5% to just 1% by the end of 2013.blackberry-loss

Every year, 24/7 Wall Street do survey on companies that are going to disappear in near future. This time the survey conducted by 24/7 Wall Street includes BlackBerry on the list of brands that are going to vanish by 2015. Off course many other major brands are there on the list.


Adding strength to this BlackBerry’s sales are going down day by day. This drop in revenue have made them to rethink the stand. Although latest release of BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 where success, still they are not able to increase their profit. The main reason for this is the invasion of smartphone field by other companies such as Apple, Google etc. Then their strategy of high pricing of BlackBerry smartphones. People had seen BlackBerry as a status symbol but now this has gone to Apple. Most of the Blackberry customers are switching to other alternatives.

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Now BlackBerry is mainly concentrating on software sector rather than hardware; Foxconn is having the contract on BlackBerry hardware. Still BlackBerry’s QNX platform remains the most secure OS in communication field. They are expanding this to more fields like health care industries, automobile industries etc. But this isn’t enough to run the company successfully.

However, 24/7 Wall Street have predicted the same thing in 2012, and said that “BlackBerry will disappear by 2012.” And that didn’t happened. We can hope that the same to happen this time too.

BlackBerry still have time to overcome all these and to regain the lost market from Google and Apple and I hope the CEO John S. Chen would do some magic.

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