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This list of software may help you to recover deleted files on your PC

Mistakes are more common that is performed by each and every human in this universe. And in the meantime, you have to beware of those mistakes and you need to rectify those mistakes in your life. This one is same in case of file deletion; it is more common that you might delete the most important files in your personal computer without your knowledge and feels for that incident in your life. If you were doing such a thing, the foremost thing that you need to do is that, you have to stop your activities in your personal computer.harddisk-opened

In this post, I have tried to gather some of the best recovery programs for your PC in order to undelete/recover the files. If you have unintentionally deleted any important file and desperately looking for a solution – – try these software one by one until you get the file.


Recuva by Piriform:

Recuva is a best tool that is used to recover the files which are unfortunately deleted by you by mistakes. undoubtedly, Recuva is the best tool that allows you to recover the deleted files in your personal computer. Recuva is ultimately simple and you can use them without having more knowledge about the file recovering system. Recuva is very easy for use and it has more efficiency while comparing to other recovery software that are available in the internet.

Download Recuva

The various features of Recuva are as follows

  • Undeletes various files and folders from your personal computer.
  • You can also recover files from the damaged disk partition and also from the formatted disks.
  • Recover the various emails that are deleted in your email account.
  • This provides an excellent interface to recover the deleted iPod music files in your iPod.
  • Scan various deleted files using the Deep Scan mode.
  • And also recover the unsaved word document in your Personal computer.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

EaseUS Data Recovery is another extraordinary file recovery program that makes you to recover files just in few clicks. The developer has designed in such a way that the user interface is structured similarly like windows Explorer. The interface is ideal for everyone who is using this program, and also provides more comfort to its users.

Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Features of EaseUS Data Recovery:

  • Undeletes files from Memory cards, Optical drives, hard drives and even partitions can be recovered by using EaseUS Data Recovery.
  • Supports Windows 8, Windows 7 and other versions of Windows too.

Puran File Recovery Software:

Puran File Recovery is a simplest form of file recovery that allows you to recover files in a very smooth manner. Puran File Recovery recover files in any file system that windows OS sees. While comparing to other recovery application, this one has more advantages. The main feature of Puran File Recovery is that, it allows you to recover more files than the other applications. And also it gives you an exact file in a single shot; even you can recover even the lost partitions in your Personal computer. Portable version of Puran File Recovery is available; you can use them even without installing the software package.

Download Puran File Recovery

Pandora Recovery Software:

Pandora Recovery software is an open source one that makes you to recovery and locates the deleted files in your file system. Pandora Recovery wizard bring you the tree window view to recover the files, the easiest way to file recovery. It recovers the files that haven’t overwritten by any operation, or files are not damaged severely by any file operations.

Features of Pandora Recovery Software:

  • Search, Preview, Browser and Recover deleted files in your PC
  • Surface Scan
  • Recover Hidden, Compressed and Encrypted files
  • Recovery success estimate

Download Pandora File Recovery

Does any of these software helped you to recover your files from your computer? If yes, don’t forget to share this post with your friends. Stay tuned for more technology tips and latest updates.

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