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Apple iPhone 6’s CPU expected to clock 2GHz speed

Apple’s upcoming iPhone model, iPhone 6 is probably one of the most favorite gadgets of the internet media. This might just be the very reason why there are so many rumors that are floating by. According to the recent rumors that have suddenly sparked up the curiosity, iPhone 6 might very well be released with a 2GHz processor. iPhone 6 expected to clock 2GHz CPU speed

When compared to the latest model of iPhone that is available in the market (iPhone 5s) which clocks a processor speed of 1.3 GHz, iPhone 6 will post a distant edge over it.


Apple iPhone 5s works with A7 processors and the rumors state that iPhone 6 will be furnished with A8 series processors. According to the experts, Apple is looking forward to make a perfect Smartphone with iPhone 6 and that is the very reason why there so many rumors coming up. Everyone is expecting Apple to upgrade in all parts. According to the rumors, A8 processors chips are expected to be processed under 20nm providing a better edge over A7 processors.

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Although Apple is looking forward to releasing iPhone 6 with a 2GHz CPU, it will still remain 64 bit as in case of A7 processors. Technically speaking, 2GHZ is going to be the maximum frequency that A8 processors will be able to reach in case Apple actually goes for them. The rumors also has it that TSMC has been vested the responsibility of manufacturing A8 processors.

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The rumor has strengthened when TSMC sent its first completed consignment to Apple’s assembly plant. It will be really interesting to follow what happens next with iPhone 6.

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