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Microsoft to launch ‘right to be forgotten’ form to comply with EU law

Microsoft has planned to follow in the shoes of Google and launch the “right to be forgotten” web form for users. “Right to be forgotten” web form enables the user to demand the irrelevant info not to be shown, that has a direct linkage to his name. Google was the first one to initiate this campaign and as a result, it received as many as 700,000 requests to remove the irrelevant info from the search results. It prompted Google to assign a special team in order to cope up with the load.bing-new-logo

Microsoft has announced that it will also launch a similar web form but no one is assured of how the company will implement it. Microsoft does not carry a big market in Europe when it comes to search engine but since it operates in Europe, it has to follow the norms. The biggest court in Europe ruled out in May, that all the citizens of Europe will have a right to demand their info not to be shown on search results. It resulted in a big controversy as Google went under huge pressure to process those demands.


Microsoft stated in its Bing Help page:

We’re currently working on a special process for residents of the European Union to request blocks of specific privacy-related search results on Bing in response to searches on their names.  Given the many questions that have been raised about how the recent ruling from the Court of Justice of the European Union should be implemented, developing an appropriate system is taking us some time.  We’ll be providing additional information about making requests soon.

Microsoft has just recently stated that it will follow a similar web form but for affecting the same, it will have to contact Yahoo, since it uses Bing for its search results. Microsoft has also not mentioned the time when they will begin the “right to be forgotten” web form in the market but according to the rumors, it can be affected any time soon.

Microsoft is riding on a turbulent boat these days and this story has glorified its image again and reminded people of the existence of the brand. Hence, we hope that the decision of following the shoes of Google will help Microsoft in every possible manner.

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