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Yahoo Acquires RayV, a HD video streaming service

Yahoo is known for elongating its reach in the market and it has done it yet again by acquiring RayV, the video streaming service. Something similar was on the cards for a long time, since Yahoo was displaying strong interest in the video streaming service. Yahoo has aptly capitalized on the popularity of RayV.yahoo-rayv

Yahoo had been going through a lean patch in the recent past and needed some strong amendments. Media was also drifting away from the renowned American company. It has hit the spotlight once again by bagging the news about acquiring RayV. This is also seen as a publicity stunt by Yahoo, along with capitalizing on the credibility of RayV in the market.


Yahoo had hinted on its plan to acquire RayV but nothing concrete could come out of that. Hence, there was a huge anxiety among the Yahoo fans. However, a substantial number of critics have been surprised with the news. If the reports are to be believed, Yahoo plans to induce the video streaming service to its platforms such as Cloud and P.P.P Narayan.

Video streaming service is a new phenomenon in the market and possesses a great following. Videos are considerably in a heavier demand when compared to the audio files of the same music. When the Yahoo officials were confronted, they acknowledged the popularity of video streaming service in the market and they look forward to carry this platform forward without compromising on the interests of Yahoo.

RayV is known to one and many. It has revolutionized the way people perceive video streaming on the internet. It was developed by Omer Luzzatti and Ofer Shemtov in the year 2005. RayV enables the user to view high quality videos on the go; without any hassles. The collaboration of Yahoo and RayV is considered to be a game changer for Yahoo’s fortunes in the market.

We simply hope that collaborating with RayV will elevate the stakes of Yahoo in the hearts of its fans.

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