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Mac OS X Hidden tricks; including Yosemite and Mavericks

No matter how long you have been using OS X there are always things that can surprise you. You don’t come across them because you may not have felt the need for them but learning a trick or two is always good and helpful.mac-osx-10.10-yosemite

We have compiled a few tips and tricks here and at the end of the article, trick for new version of OS X : Yosemite has been added.


1. KeychainsWorried about too many usernames and passwords? You can let OS X take care of them. It not only remembers them but encrypts them to ensure your security. The iCloud Keychain helps you in doing this. You can activate the Keychain password generator too from the iCloud option in System Preferences.

2. Notifications: Control the way you are notified by OS X from the Notification Centre in System Preferences. You can choose a Do Not Disturb option and even choose custom settings for when to turn DND on.

3. Travel Times: Planning for a trip is now easy. With Calendar integrated with Maps you can calculate the time taken to travel from one location to another.

4. iPhotoUsing iPhoto is all the more easy and helping. With options to arrange pictures using custom Smart Album criteria managing photos is easy. Selecting multiple pictures will give you an option to edit them all at once.

5. Signatures: Your Mac lets you have your digital signatures very easily. Sign on a white paper using black ink. Go to Preview preferences and click the ‘+’ button on the Signature tab. Show your signature on the webcam to generate your signature and use it at will.

6. Dictation: Dictation is a very handy tool for people who do a lot of typing. If your fingers ache try dictating to your Mac. Turn Dictation on from the Dictation and Speech option in System Preferences and press Fn key twice to start dictating. Use Enhanced Dictation Tool for easier use.

7. Finder: Use Finder smartly by combining windows into tabs by selecting Merge windows from Window menu in Finder. Do a little bit of file tagging if you would like by choosing colors and see tagged files from the sidebar.

8. Spotlight: Spotlight is a search tool that appears on the top right corner as a small lens icon. Yosemite users can see web results too. Spotlight intelligently chooses the result based on the query.

9. System Preferences: You can customize the System Preferences window and choose what all option you would like it to display from the View menu.

10. New in Yosemite

The Launchpad in Yosemite is faster and more easy to use. Cluster icons together into folders that lets you organize them better. Add as many icons as you want into the folders. With Safari you can have favorites and access them quickly using the favorite icon on the top-left corner. Maps now comes with the option to have 3D maps which can be more than useful.

Do you have any more tricks? Share with us. Meanwhile, you could know some more OS X tricks by Buzzfeed. Video embedded below.


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