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Apple iPhone’s ‘Frequent Locations’, a threat to national security, says China.

Apple Inc’s iPhone has been slammed as a threat to national security by the Chinese state media CCTV. The phone’s ability to track and record a user’s location is the reason for this accusation.apple-china

Chinese broadcaster CCTV believes that the phone’s “Frequent Locations” feature can be misused in such a way that it threatens the national security.


CCTV, run by the state, reported that researchers believe the feature has extremely sensitive data which could eventually lead to the leakage of state secrets and disturb the country’s economic status.

For the California-based company, this is not the first time that they have been scrutinized by the Chinese. They were earlier accused of providing user data to the US Intelligence. Though the company has not responded to this accusation, the “frequent locations” feature is claimed to store the location data only in the user’s device. According to the company this feature helps the user in saving the locations he/she has been to recently and the significant locations which have been visited frequently. This feature apparently helps the user in travel and navigation.

Other major companies have also put under the scanner by the Chinese government. Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system was recently banned by the Government is various offices. Even Google Inc has faces setbacks in their service in the country.

Apple Inc. losing the Siri patent case could pave way for the iPhone and iPad being banned across China.

China and the US have always had their differences. A public offensive case was launched accusing the Chinese stealing various technologies. The case states that technologies including nuclear stations and solar panels are being stolen from various US companies since 2006. The US Justice Department pinpoints a Shanghai based industry unit as the center of all these unethical activities.

Apple’s response to this latest accusation could make way for a new conflict. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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