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Quit Facebook for 99 days: users’ experiment against its mood manipulation

Loging into Facebook is a part of my routine. I cannot spend a day without checking the news feeds. It lets me connect with my friends. It is the doorway to the bigger world out there.” If these words are similar to what you will say if someone ask you about your opinion on Facebook, then you have an interesting challenge. Live 99 days without it!99-days-freedom-facebook-TND

A Dutch non-profit, Just B.V is calling on users to conduct a mood experiment by quitting Facebook for 99 days. They shall conduct periodic mood surveys to analyze whether you are feeling good or bad about it.


The idea came out as a casual joke by Just B.V employees. They were upset with Facebook for conducting the controversial secret mood surveys.

Merijin Straathof, Art Director of Just B.V says the idea emerged during a discussion related to the mood experiment. They noted that every user has a complicated relationship with Facebook. One way or the other Facebook arouses negative sentiment in users. It was then, this interesting comment that the real question to be asked is – “How do you feel when you don’t use Facebook?”

They decided to conduct a mood experiment of their own and then came up with ’99 DAYS OF FREEDOM’. They chose 99 days to avoid users losing interest after doing the survey for too many days. If the number of days are less obtaining proper results may not be possible.

The employees at Just B.V are not anti-Facebook activists. They love Facebook just as any of its regular users among us. They even stress on the fact that it is not a protest and neither do they plan to bring their business down.

Interested users can join them from their website : 99 Days of Freedom. The surveys will have to be taken at the 33rd, 66th and 99th days.

While thousands of users have already registered with them this cannot be seen with a perspective that people are losing interest on Facebook. Surveys suggest that a large number of people deactivate their Facebook account for some time but eventually reactivate it.

Very few users may quit Facebook forever. An average person is very unlikely to quit Facebook because of its dominance and popularity. Where are you standing right now? Have you tried quitting Facebook for one or more times? Will you join the new experiment?

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