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Airbag issue makes Honda to expand the recall

The news of Honda recalling cars have caused worries and anxiety to customers. They are not to get evaded soon as the recalling program is about to expand. Having already recalled 2 million cars Honda is set to recall another million cars soon in California alone.honda-logo-emblem

Honda started recalling cars when the air bag makers Takata air bags from Japan announced faults in many airbags supplied. The fault is with the air bag inflator. Air bag inflation occurs as a result of an explosion that causes hot nitrogen gas to inflate the bags. Due to the faults in Takata’s air bag’s inflators the explosion exceeds the limits.


Takata reveals that the propellant of the inflator is not impact ready and too powerful. The explosion sends out sharp plastic and hot metal pieces that cause severe burns and injuries. What was designed to ensure safety of passengers perhaps causes more damage than it could have happened normally.

Takata had advised customers to recall cars from the high humid areas. The heavy humidity in these areas are known to adversify the problem. Recently an incident that involved air bag explosion occurred in California. The vehicle was a 2005 model Honda Accord. This has led Honda to investigate on cars sold in California by recalling 1 million cars.

Following this General Motors is concerned with its vehicles too. They have asked retailers not to sell their model Cruze keeping in mind the revelation made by Takata. This is not the first time that GM has been under pressure recently. They had called for a stop-sale of Cruze earlier for unspecified reasons. Problems with ignition was also found with its Cobalt, Pontaic 6, Saturn Ion and Saturn Sky models.

Other companies to recall their models are Mazda, Nissan and Ford. These brands too have recalled in numbers similar to Honda.

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