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TSMC delivers 1st consignment of A-series chips to Apple

The rumors indicating to the fact that Apple will be receiving chips and processors from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has finally being realized. The rumors were all along the internet media during this whole time span until, the official confirmation was out. According to the reports, TSMC will be the one manufacturing the A-series processors and various other chips for the iPhone makers.TSMC delivers 1st consignment to Apple

TSMC had officially started manufacturing for Apple during the early parts of 2014. The semiconductor manufacturing company has already delivered its first shipment of chips and processors to Apple’s assembly plants.


Literally most of the semiconductor components for the Apple products were manufactured by Samsung. Many experts are of the view that with the relations between Apple and Samsung stiffening, the iPhone makers sought it best to develop a new line of source. Although, TSMC has had quite a big deal to its name already, Samsung is still one of the major sources of semiconductor components for Apple.

The fact that TSMC has already sent its first consignment, the rumors about the A-series processors has come to life again. The rumors state that Apple has vested TSMC with the responsiblity of developing the next generation chips for Apple products. Apple is presently using A7 processors which is likely to be replaced in the next set of products launched by Apple.

With the growing number of deals with TSMC, Apple seems to have found out a perfect destination to demand better chips. The relation between Apple and Samsung has been following a negative curve owing to the growing competition between the two giants of Smartphone industry.

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