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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on future of internet

Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook says he aims to make the internet cheaper and affordable for everyone in the world. Even though we consider the world to shrink, only one-third of the world have internet connectivity. He aims at providing internet connectivity to the other two-third of the world population.

He states that connecting the whole world is the primary challenge to our generation. Better connectivity to the internet does not mean staying connected with your friends only. It opens doors to more opportunities. He wants these opportunities available for everyone. He also pointed out that internet is a way for common people to participate in the global economy.


He mentions the recent surveys that shows a boost in the GDP contribution by the internet. Internet can help people get their jobs done fast and thus contribute to economic growth indirectly. Increasing access to internet can also help in improving the possibility of innovations in internet itself.

Zuckerberg does not merely state his goals but speaks about the challenges openly. The current generation has to pay more for accessing the data than having the hardware to access them. This means even if internet is more accessible it has to be more affordable.

In his efforts to achieve this goal he is partnering with Nokia, Samsung, Opera Software, Ericsson, MediaTek and Qualcomm. Together they work towards this goal under the Internet.org project. The website of Internet.org shows Mark Zuckerberg talk about the project in a video on its home page.

He discusses his plans of helping in improving the actual infrastructure for internet connectivity. The strength of transmission media has to be improved to let signals cover more area. The spectrum needs be improved to ensure quality and efficient use. To reduce data usage caching and compressing of online data is necessary.

His initiative has had mixed reactions from writers and general public. Some laud his efforts to improve his connectivity but many have been critical about the internet.org project. The critics are of the view that it is not being carried out with good intentions and it is associated with the National Security Agency.

According to your opinion, what is the future of Internet? Post your comments below. Stay tuned for more updates on latest technology.

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