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iPhone 6 display screen is unscratchable, unbreakable [videos]

It was already known to many that iPhone is bidding Gorilla Glass good-bye and they are moving towards sapphire glass. Thanks to the leakers that we even knew it will be a part of the iPhone 6.iphone-6-sapphire-glass-display

That said, little did we know about what sapphire glass screen is expect from the fact that it is more scratch-resistant than Gorilla glass. Also it is of better quality and iPhone already uses it in Camera.


Now that we know, we can still not stop from being amazed at what it has to offer.

This video posted by leaker Marques Brownlee in his channel MKBHD can make you widen your eyes!

The video shows iPhone 6’s sapphire glass been subjected to severe torture but the wonder glass does not seem to show any sign of problem. He bends it, steps on it then bends & even stabs it and tries to scratch it with his keys. If you doubt he is making things up then we may tell you that sapphire is actually a very scratch resistant material already being used in many applications.

Brownlee says he got it from another leaker Sony Dickson. Later Dickson also came up with his version of Sapphire glass bend test video.

Here is another video you need to look at if you are feeling a bit skeptical about the next-gen iPhone 6 display screen.

This video from a YouTube channel, Pocketnow actually shows you around the plant that has been manufacturing Sapphire glass. The manufacturing process that leads to the creation of Sapphire glass is explained briefly in the video.

While it is a very good news that your smartphone screens are going to be scratch resistant people worry about sapphire’s brittleness. It is very obvious from the videos that the leakers have not tested the strength of Sapphire glass screen. Also a point to note is that it is considerably costlier than Gorilla glass. It is speculated that the screen will be a laminate over a low-cost tougher material.

It was rumored that the sapphire glass will not be used in iPhone 6 but in iWatch. These videos give food to the opinion that it will be a part of a 4.7 inch iPhone 6. We may most probably have a phone that we can put anywhere without worrying about its screen.

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