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Apple iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors, Specifications & Features

Apple is getting more popular due to its marvelous models of iPhones, iPad and other Apple Products. In this post, you can get a wide range of information so-called Archive of iPhone 6, that we have heard from various global sources. Here you can grab the latest information about apple’s iPhone 6, a next generation mobile with multiple display size, 128 GB storage with A8 Processor and much more.iphone-6-curved-edge-concept-3

In a couple of month, iPhone 6 going to hit the global market; lot of information about the next generation iPhone has leaked in the Internet. Apple is reportedly planning for its next big event, the iPhone 6 launch.


Reports regarding iPhone 6:

  • “Foxconn, one of the manufacturers of Apple Corporation has landed in a contract with Apple to build 90 million units of iPhone 6. These units are just for 2014 and in order to build these units, Foxconn has hired 100,000 more workers” – Taiwan’s Economic Daily News.
  • Pengatron, another manufacture also hiring more workers to meet the demands of iPhone 6.
  • “The Successful launch event of iPhone 6 will help Apple to sell 25% more than its previous models of iPhones” – reported by QUARTZ.
  • “Apple comes with new iPhones, in the same time. Yeah, iPhone 6 will have two versions, one with smaller display and another one with larger display with battery capacity” says Bloomberg.

Expected Launch Date:

Apple iPhone 6 is expected to launch on September 12, and iOS 8 will be released for public on the iPhone launch day itself. Here you’ll see the rumored specifications, features and also more plans of the future. Shipments of iPhone 6 are expected from china to the United States in the last two weeks of August month. The first delivery of the device will come in the month of September.

Rumored Specifications and Features of iPhone 6:

Display: iPhone 6 comes in two display sizes, one with 4.7 inch screen and another with 5.5 inch model. iPhone 6 will come with more crispy clarity and the resolution of iPhone 6 is three times more than that of iPhone 3G. This makes the app developers to tweak their code for higher resolutions, increase in resolution will spoil the clarity of application in the iPhone 6, therefore the developers should tweak their code and also make several things to make this application appears great in the bigger screen. The iPhone 6 has a unique feature with curved display, and also with Quantum Dots technology has been introduced in this model.

Design: iPhone 6 has a marvelous design and this makes anyone to fall for it. The curvy design makes the iPhone 6 more beautiful, and the dummy model of iPhone 6 shows that the device will lies between HTC one M8 and Note 3.

A8 Chipset: TSMC starts its production for Apple’s 20nm A8 chipset and it is especially designed for upcoming iPhone 6. And also A8 chipset will be used for the next-generation iPads; TSMC has planned to meet Apple’s demand for A8 Chipsets and giant production has already started for iPhone 6. Apple has also planned for A9 processor for its next-next generation devices.

Storage: There are several thoughts has been evolved, while thinking about the Storage of Apple next level iPhone 6. Some of the report says that, the Apple Corporation has dropped the 16GB version of the device and the phablets model will come with 128 GB of internal memory. In order to increase the selling of 32GB and 64 GB versions, the 16 GB idea has been withdrawn by Apple. Feng, a Chinese blog says that 4.7 version of iPhone 6 will have maximum 64 GB of internal memory. These shows, both versions of iPhone 6 will have huge differences among them.

Battery: Rumors says that the iPhone 6 has a huge capacity of battery level and ranges from 1,700mAh to 2,100mAh; therefore, it results in more standby time. Implementation of Quantum Dot display will reduce the level of battery discharges. Hope iPhone 6 have 1,700mAh battery, since the previous one has 1,570mAh and 1,440mAh batteries.

Connectivity: iPhone 6 has improved version of WiFi and also iOS 8 makes iPhone 6 prettier. Thanks to iOS 8, it brought more interesting features like Touch ID, iBeacon and Passbook. Improved version of Siri, voice assistant will make you happier. Apart from this, iPhone 6 has remaining features as same as iPhone 5s.


Source from china says that Apple has improved its camera quality of its 8 Mega Pixel camera that is used in the iPhone 5s. iPhone 6 will have a better clarity camera and in the meanwhile, Apple conducting several implementations to improve the imaging quality of the iPhone 6 camera. Addition of OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) improves the quality of the images.

Not only with OIS, Apple files a patent in the United States Patent Office for the new model camera technology, which is going to be implemented on iPhone 6. VCM OIS technology will reduce the image blurriness and more efficient autofocus mechanism in the iPhone 6’s camera. This technology is mainly developed to reduce the shakes that are created by the hand movements during photo shoot. Combination of new lens with image sensor will make the iPhone 6 more simpler, but powerful one. iPhone 6 comes with 8 Mega-pixel of camera, but the main thing is that there is no issues with low Mega-Pixels, iPhone 6 camera will definitely beats its rivals.

Are you waiting for Apple iPhone 6 release date or have you moved to Android already?

Rumored iPhone 6 Image Gallery (including concepts):

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