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Facebook Messenger for iPad hits iOS App Store

Latest update for Facebook messenger app is out in iTunes. The latest version which is Messenger 7.0 has been released on iTunes after a complete repacking in all the aspects. Major change is calling feature and from this version onwards the Facebook messenger app can be installed on iPad.facebook-messenger-ipad-nextDigit

One of the main change in the app is in its user interface. The usual sliding interface has been changed to 2 pane window interface. On the left pane you will be able to see the recent chat details also the chat groups and app settings are given in left side. Right side of the pane contains the chat options like voice recording, stickers, and VoIP features along with ongoing conversation.


Another major feature is that you can switch between multiple Facebook accounts if your family is having a single device to access. While using multiple accounts each person’s privacy has to be considered.

Calling feature in Facebook Messenger app for iPad

Major update for the app is the calling feature. You can speak to your Facebook friends via messenger app without any cost. You should have a working data connection. All you have to do is to select your friend and tap on the call button.

After finishing the call you can rate and review the call quality and your experience. This is the best move by Facebook because after reviewing the user’s opinion they can really put these features in the next update of the Messenger app for other devices.

Other than these, other features are similar to the old Facebook messenger app. You have stickers option in order to make your chat among friends and colleagues more funny and interactive. Also you can purchase some additional stickers from the store. Only a limited amount of both free and paid stickers are available.

Talking about bug, only some minor UI bugs are seen in the app. Let’s hope they will fix those on the next update because Facebook doesn’t disappointed the users.

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