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Knox security isn’t adequate for Android L – Blackberry CEO

Blackberry CEO, John Chen said that he welcomes the efforts of Samsung and Google to enhance security on their devices but these enhancements are not adequate to meet enterprise level needs. He urged customers to trust the company that has been proving its potential in ensuring security for three decades than get dazzled at the people who talk security.Samsung Knox will be available with the Android L

Blackberry has long been placing security as its prime goal. It has been investing heavily on improving its capabilities in ensuring security, especially for the corporate and government customers. They have also been maintaining large intellectual property on this regard which is eyed by many of its competitors.


It is a matter of fact that Blackberry is losing many of its customers to Android and iOS devices that has come up with features that improve security. Samsung Knox is one such kind of improvement; what Samsung Knox does is that it provides a sandboxed environment in your smartphone separated from the rest of your smartphone. You can work on this environment secured with a password while using the rest of your phone for personal purposes.

While Samsung Knox had a good reception many raised their eyebrows when a back-door was discovered recently. It is expected that it must be impossible to access files stored in the work environment neither as a root user nor as a normal user. It has been revealed that it is possible to access them in specific devices using specific methods.

At the Google I/O that concluded recently it was announced that a part of Samsung Knox will be available with the Android L. This feature is included with the motive to increase security on the devices running Google’s Android platform. It is clear that Google eyes on the enterprise customers for whom security is on top priority.

Blackberry had also come up with solutions to meet the concerns of enterprises regarding the use of personal devices by employees. This allows Blackberry clients to manage devices using other operating systems, thus avoiding concerns regarding security breaches. It is thus evident that Blackberry is making efforts to bring back lost customers and satisfy the needs of existing customers.

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