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Facebook take off real gifts only gift cards from now on

Facebook Gift is platform launched in November last year. you are allowed to send “real gifts” (physical gift) to your friend to celebrate birthday, new jobs and other big movement of life. What you have to do is to pick out perfect gift for your friend, add your message and it’s ready to ship. your friend got the special package of gift from you and lovely movement of life is celebrated.

Facebook Gift
Facebook is taking off physical gifts.

It was good concept for Facebook but now it is going to shut down for the physical gifts. Don’t worry, there will be digital products like gift cards. Promotions, tracks of gifts is another additional work for them. Facebook stated that they have 80% digital gifts and 20% Physical gifts. So, only 20% of physical gifts is hassle for Facebook.


The company gave NBC News the following statement Friday about the revamped gifts section:

Today we’re beginning to roll out a new design for Facebook Gifts focused on gift cards. Since launching Gifts in December last year, roughly 80% of gifts have been gift cards. So, we’re now adding more digital codes and making the Facebook Card redeemable at more merchants. As a part of this shift in focus to Facebook Card and digital codes, we’re also phasing out physical gifts.

We have visited the website of Facebook Gifts. Physical gifts still available at website but update may take one week more to shutdown physical gifts feature.

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