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Android-powered Lumia by Microsoft to be released in 2015

Many of us can’t believe that Microsoft could release any Android-powered smartphone, but rumors surfaced that suggest Microsoft and Nokia are likely to launch an Android-powered Lumia smartphone soon.microsoft-nokia-smartphones

The rumors were revealed by @evleaks whose news turn out to be true in the end several times. Details regarding the device were not revealed though Microsoft is expected to use the Android OS in some of its upcoming Lumia Flagship phones. The rumored Lumia device will be launched after Nokia’s upcoming range of X series smartphones by the end of the year. Possibly, we can expect the Android-powered Lumia to enter the market in early-2015. Microsoft was not available for a comment on the rumor.


Microsoft launch of Android based devices means that the company is wants to promote is apps like One Drive and Xbox on Android OS. However the main reason behind the move is not known though it is speculated that a high-end smartphone with Android OS will help the company in regaining space in the smartphone market.

Android is leading OS in the smartphone market and Microsoft has already used a customized version of Android in its X series which has found only few takers. Microsoft also wants users to use Lumia smartphones that will create an interest in using Windows OS in the future.

Meanwhile, some reports also suggests that the software giant (now a hardware company too!) could launch Lumia Windows Phone smartphones that could support Android apps. We need to wait and watch about the progress; stay tuned.

It is also rumored that Nokia by Microsoft is gearing up for the launch of the Lumia 830 device which will have a first of its kind Microsoft branding. The rumored device is also expected to feature a PureView camera that is equipped in the Lumia 830 device.

‘Microsoft’ branded Lumia smartphone in leaked image:

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