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Apple is getting globally seen: App Embark is ready to catch you.

Apple is among prestigious companies across world. What makes it more beloved among its users that it intently listens to complains and appreciation both and work upon it. The same goes with the map application in iOS which had been pretty unusable since long. Since, everything is getting global, so, of course a lot of people rely on the transit directions. Apple being sensitive enough has taken commendable steps in improving Google Maps facility for iOS provided. The major complaint lodged by the customer was that something gets wrong with the Apple’s Map which works perfectly otherwise.



Thus, Apple’s new avatar is redeemed with the considerable improvements to its Maps app. The company has been scooping the mapping majors namely, HopStop, Locationary and recently Emabark is ready to help its users in the navigations and transit. Apple’s new venture with Embark shows the concern and seriousness that it posses with the company. Embark is the transit application that caters maps for 10 major transit systems such as New York City, Long Island, Boston, San Franscisco, Washington DC, Chicago and New Jersey.

The report was the first observed with the popular The Wall Street Journal. The journal reports that Apple with planning to directly integrate with Embark Maps and iOS. However, it is not sure that the amount that Apple has been planning to invest in, may be it might be equal to the Hopstop. Whatever may be the case, but customers are expecting some good changes in the future.

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