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Pew Report: Governments are dangerous for Internet than Malware

Rumors surrounding commercialization of online operations have been around since last few years, but there was no concrete proof to believe these rumors. Amidst all these rumors, people have continued raising questions about the future of open Internet after the increase in surveillance from corporations and government. Pew Research Center conducted a survey on future threats to the Internet by asking some hard-hitting and thorny questions from experts.internet-global

Over 1400 analysts, scholars, and experts from technology industry were part of this survey for Net threats. The report issued on Thursday, collaboration with Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center states:


“Twenty-five years after the birth of the World Wide Web, technology experts from around the world are expressing concerns about threats to the continued development of the free and open Internet and retention of online civil liberties.”

The experts expressed concerns over dramatically increasing threats to civil liberties on the Internet that also includes commercialization of World Wide Web. Over the years, a plethora of industries have struggled to generate revenue online, and they are not pleased with consumers who are accustomed to free access to everything on the web. Increasing barriers might severely impact the net neutrality. Net neutrality means equal treatment for all content and applications posted online. It is the underlying principle on which the Internet functions.

The Internet experts were concerned about the increasing attempts by governments across the world to disrupt and corrupt free-flowing functioning of the Internet.  They would make all possible efforts to monetize from our Internet activities, thereby, dissolve our faith from the Internet. Approximately 35% of all the experts questioned during this survey opined that situation of the Internet would get worse by 2025. However, it’s to be noted that most of them — approximately 65% — were optimistic on this grave issue. All those experts who were optimistic about Internet’s future believed that within next decade there will be a gigantic rise in the number of people gaining access to the Internet.

Following are some of the threats to the Internet predicted by experts in this survey:

  • Various nations across the world intend to maintain security and political control, so we can expect greater amount of blocking, filtering and segmentation.
  • With each revelation about corporate and government surveillance, public is losing faith over the Internet being a free and incorruptible medium. The day is not
  • Efforts to control the tide of information shared by users on a daily basis might go on to thwart our ability as well as desire to share online.

The present appears to be grim, but we have to be optimistic about the future. This research is definitely an eye-opener, but we can’t give up on the Internet.

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