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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date and specifications [rumor]

Samsung’s ever time favorite note series is ready to launch the next version from it. Galaxy Note 4 will be launching in international markets on  3rd quarter of 2014. After the launch of Samsung’s flagship device Galaxy S5, Samsung has decided to launch the Note 4 in a grand manner. Rumors are spreading all over the world about the Galaxy Note 4 specs. But none of them is authentic ones.samsung-galaxy-note-3-s-4

The screen

Since all the Note series were screen sized about 5 inches. As each single versions got released the screen size got increased. As per the rumor the Note 4 will be having a screen size of 5.9 inch. Samsung will be looking forward how people carry the phablet breed Note 4. The phone will be competing among the LG G2 Pro, Xperia Z Ultra. As far as the resolution is considered it will be 2560×1440 pixel with Samsung’s own Super AMOLED screen.


Inspired from the Galaxy curve, the Galaxy Note 4 might get a curved screen somewhat similar to LG’s screen. Also there will be a 3rd side for Note 4 which will be specially used to show the notifications on the phone. This will be a futuristic technology that the other companies might follow in their upcoming devices. Also the rumors suggests that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come in 2 variants a usual flat screen also a curved one. For know more about that,Samsung should reveal the device.


After the introduction of 64bit based chip sets by the Apple Inc. Samsung is also looking to introduce the first 64bit based chipsets onto the Samsung devices. For putting more on the Galaxy Note 4’s performance there will be 4GB RAM. The highest RAM ever released by Samsung is in Galaxy S5. An onboard memory of 32 GB will be provided which will be capable of expanding up to 128 GB.


The Note family latest release which is Note 3 is having a rear camera of 13MP. But in case of Note 4 it is supposed to have the latest released Galaxy S5 camera which is about 16MP with a new sensor built by Sony with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) feature. Which is pretty disappointing one. Samsung still have to depend other company for camera sensors.


As part of connectivity features the new phablet will be preloaded with all the usual connectivity features like Wi-Fi, S-Beam, Bluetooth and 4G network support.


Samsung is really looking forward to make the Note 4 an extra ordinary one. Compared to other devices Samsung provided, the leather back panel is an add-on feature. Through the release of Note 4 they are looking forward to provide the leather back panel as usual feature. A hand crafted leather panel will be provided for the Note 4.

The tech world is really looking forward for the launch of Galaxy Note 4. Expert says that after the launch of Note 4 there will be a drastic changes in the usual technology features that we see in today’s devices.

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