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Following NetFlix, now YouTube blames ISP for faulty video streaming [Update]

YouTube has a name for itself and it certainly distinguishes it from the other video streaming sites. But off recently, there has been a rise in the number of complains of poor quality of the video. The most common complaints include blurring of the video during playback, lack of buffering speed, etc.youtube-isp

In response to the issues faced by the viewers, YouTube make one clear stand. YouTube also blames the ISP providers for all the issues that one is facing while a video playback. Google-owned YouTube is now showing a message at the top for those users who has low-speed internet connection from their Internet Service Providers. In other words, it has begun shaming ISPs for long periods of buffering, slow load-times, and low quality video.


Now the question arises that whether it is seriously the lack of efficiency from the ISP providers or the fault is also with YouTube. This is not the first scenario where a video streaming organization has blamed the Internet Service Providers for poor video quality.

In the past, NetFlix and Verizon have had their own shares of struggle with each other pertaining to this issue of streaming of videos. There was a lot of drama involved which was later settled with deals of paid peering. In case of YouTube, the organization has had a long list of free paring agreements with various ISP’s.

According to a recent report issued by the Federal Communications Commission, there is very less information about the deals between ISP’s and YouTube. Thus unless the details about them are not unearthed, it will be hard to state the exact trouble with video playback on YouTube.

You will check your results for YouTube performance at Google Video Quality Report website. Google also forwards users through a message to the same link to know about their ISP.

Update: The popular video streaming website has began showing the notification bar to make users learn about their service providers in May-end in US.

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