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Recover deleted files in Windows 7 using Piriform Recuva for free

There are some cases, in that you would have deleted the files in the Windows Operating system or from any removable devices; sometimes you would have permanently deleted the files accidentally without taking any backup. At the time, you cannot do anything, you need to curse yourself for the mistake that you have done a few minutes ago. In this article, I’m going to explain how to solve this problem by recovering the deleted the files in your Windows 7 operating system.

Yes, of course you can recover the files that were permanently deleted from your personal computer. In the windows 7 operating system, you can simply recover deleted files with the help of a single application, no need of using complex programming and all; you can simply recover your files with this one. In this post, I have mentioned a way in which I have used Recuva software to recover the deleted files in the Windows 7 Operating System. Recuva is nothing but an application that allows you to recover the files in your hard drive and as well as in any removable media.


What is Recuva?

Recuva is a windows application that is made especially for recovering deleted files in the hard drive and even from the removable disks. This is a wonderful recovering application that is developed by Piriform. You can recover the files in your operating system, if it is marked as a free space in your operating system. Not only from your operating system, but also you can recover files from various removable disks. Recuva is named as effective tool for recovering Files.

Things to be known for Using Recuva Recovery Application:

The main and foremost thing is that, you need to know that the free space is already not overwritten. If you were modified the free space after deleting the file i.e., copied files over the free space or any operation in the file space has been occurred, then you cannot recover the files using Recuva Software.

  • There is only 10% percent of chance of recovering files, if the file name is appeared in red color.
  • 50% of recovery is possible if names are appeared in yellow color.
  • Rest of them will appear in Green one, which can be recovered without any issues.

Steps to recover files by using Recuva Application:

Step 1: The first step to recover the deleted files is to download the Recuva Application in your Personal Computer. In order to download Recuva, Click here. (There are two version of the software – free software doesn’t come with the Piriform technical support as well as automatic updating to the latest version.

Step 2: You need to download the Application from the above link and install it in your personal computer.

Step 3: At the end of installation wizard, you can also launch the application directly from the installation wizard.

If you launch the application in your Windows 7 Personal Computer, then you can see the screen which is exactly show in the below screenshot.

First, you need to choose the exact location of the file that has to be recovered in your Windows 7 PC. It might be a file system or a removable disk. The main thing is that, you need to choose the source. Now hit the scan button to start the scanning process for any available files that can be recovered.


Now you can see the screen, which appears like this one. This process will scan all the deleted files in your personal computer and your required files too.


Once the process gets completed, you can see the files that are scanned by the Recuva Application. Therefore you can easily recover the files using this application in your Windows 7 operating system.

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