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NASA planning for a manned trip to Mars

There are unlimited and continuously growing questions about the Universe that we live in and interestingly there are not a lot of answers that we have. The bulk of the action of gathering knowledge about the universe and the space that we live in has been done by NASA over years and is expected to continue doing so. After years of gathering the knowledge, NASA is finally ready to take the leap to the next level. According to the reports, NASA is all set to initiate a manned mission to mars.NASA planning for a manned trip to Mars

It was the year 1969 when the humans did the unthinkable and set their foot on Moon. Since then, NASA has taken on various steps to know more about the neighbors that we have in our Solar System. There have been many discoveries and expeditions that have led to various unthinkable facts. But moon was the farthest distance that humans had covered in space. NASA has decided that now is the time when the history needs to change.


NASA has made an announcement stating that it is preparing itself for a manned mission to the planet Mars. NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) has already approved the designs for the spacecraft that will supposedly be taking the humans to Mars. NASA has been in talks with Boeing to wrap up some deals and information exchange for spacecraft.

The scientists at NASA’s Space Launch System have covered up the majority of the details for building the spacecraft. As and when this space mission takes place, humans will have taken another giant step towards a brighter future.

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