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Google is rolling out new update to fix Nexus 7 display issues

Google started to roll out an update to its new Nexus 7 tablets which are released recently. As you all know that Nexus 7 2013 version was a huge hit and almost the stock was cleared as soon as after the release. The update which will be released by Google soon will help to fix a flaw that has been occurred with the display and the display was not working correctly. The device had some outstanding features as an upgraded processor and display. The device is still a king of all other budget tablets available in the market and a beast of performance among other tablets available at this price point.

Google is Rolling Out New Update to fix Nexus 7 Display issues


The problem was discovered last week, with users flocking to Google’s Product Forums to moan about the issue, which sees the new Nexus 7 tablet sporadically registering double presses on the keyboard when the display is only touched once. This Wednesday Google Responded for the issue and made a statement that a new update will be rolled out soon to fix the issue.

The update is not promised to the display Bug  either. The Nexus 7 owners are also experiencing the worst GPS reception on their devices although the problem is there singe Android 4.1 and can be fixed by using a couple of Apps. It is quite astonishing why Google hasn’t fixed the GPS fix since Android 4.1 to 4.3. Many users also reported that they can’t hold the GPS signal more than half an hour while travelling and it is the problem which will also be fixed with this update.

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