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Study discards the ‘two Earth-like Planet’ prospects

The new study about signals emitting out of the dwarf star, seems to be a little controversial. The research held in the Penn State University says that the prime target of this study is to monitor the existence of the extraterrestrial life. According to the Scientist, for the first time, the  Planets are suspected  with signals which are orbiting around a star and  are suspected with the presence of liquid water. The Planets are called as “Goldilocks Planets” where the conditions of the life may be suspected. The research will soon be published with the Journal Science in its Online Express issue on July 3, 2014.earth-solar

Paul Robertson who is a postdoctoral researcher at Penn State University and the leading author of the recent study published this week in Science writes “This result is exciting because it explains, for the first time, all the previous and somewhat conflicting observations of the intriguing dwarf star Gliese 581, a faint star with less mass than our Sun that is just 20 light years from Earth”.  The final research in the same line, confirms that the number of Planets around this red dwarf is three, and not two.


Suvrath Mahadevan, who is an assistant professor of astronomy and astrophysics in the same university and a coauthor of the research paper says that “We also have proven that some of the other controversial signals are not coming from two additional proposed Goldilocks planets in the star’s habitable zone, but instead are coming from activity within the star itself”. However, all three Planets, are in the star system.

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