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Has T-Mobile overcharged you? Check it now

T-Mobile which is one of the top wireless carriers of the United States has been jolted hard by the Federal Trade Commission owing to the various reports of false charges from the customers. There was a growing agony among the users who felt like being cheated by the wireless service provider. According to the complaints, T-Mobile has been charging its customers with false charges for subscription that they never used. According to the reports about the revenue collection of T-Mobile, more that 30% of the income comes from such subscription.t-mobile-bogus-bill

Thus as a result of the growing unrest among the customers, The Federal Trade Commission finally filed a complaint against T-Mobile. In the lawsuit filed against the major wireless service provider of the United States. According to the Lawsuit, FTC has accused T-Mobile of Cramming and has asked for complete refund of all the false charges taken by from the users.


How to check whether T-Mobile has victimized you?

Interestingly, T-Mobile has followed a very shrewd technique to charge the users of the extra amount. Majority of the services have been drawn in favor of a third-party and have been billed at $9.99. The most commonly used services are horoscope, flirting tips, celebrity gossips, etc. Now if you have also been thinking that you are paying more that what you used, it is time that you had a check on your bills. Most of the charges have been held under subscription. Thus you might find a subsection in your ill named ‘Use Charges’ with the billing name of some unknown third-party media.

According to the report, T-Mobile has been doing this act of ‘Cramming’ its users for more than a year now. Thus it will be better on your part if you had a check on the bills of the last one year or so.

How to avoid being scammed over a phone bill?

The History consists of many small incidents where the users of various services have been crammed with false charges for things they never used. Now if you fear that the same is happening to you, it is high time that you take a scan. The FTC has provided a few things to be followed to avoid scams over phone bills.

  1. The most common cramming charge is $9.99 which appears quite legitimate to the user. Thus if you have something like this on your bills, then crosscheck it twice.
  2. Do not submit your phone numbers anywhere without taking a note at their policies or security.
  3. Do not respond to unwanted text messages.
  4. The best way of all, avoid using third-party services.

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