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Finally HTC rises to profits in Q2 2014; surpasses expectations

The quality of the products by the Taiwanese Smartphone maker HTC Corporation is undoubted, but as of late the company was finding it hard to keep up with the low end Smartphones. According to the predictions that had been made, HTC Corporation was expected to make some grounds in the field of profits.HTC2-645x250

Interestingly, the company has made some serious numbers in the second quarter of 2014. When compared to the statistics of the same time last year, HTC has recorded an increase of 80% in the profits.


The experts claim that HTC Corporation has made a complete turnaround from a market which was turning foul, with the launch some low end Smartphones like HTC One M8. The market analysts had proposed some sort of improvement in the market conditions for HTC but the company has beaten all the propositions made by the analysts.

The profit count for the period of April and June was $2.26 billion compared the predicted $2.17 billion. Although the number does not seem big in billions, but the company has had quite some improvement in the market.

HTC Corporation has really struggled to a great extent to cope up with high end Smartphone makers like Apple and low end ones like Samsung. With a recent track record as such, HTC has shown great improvements with the incoming revenues. HTC shares ended at a increased state of 0.4% even before the financial statement of the company was released to the press. According to IDC, the global growth for Smartphones is expected to drop to 23% compared to 39% last year.

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