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Goldman Sachs, Google, Court and leaked client data

According to the official reports, Google has already blocked the access to the e-mail that was sent to an unknown Gmail account by mistake. As soon as the Court of the State of New York issued the order to block the account, Google followed it. But now Goldman Sachs demands for more.goldman-sachs

According to the proposed wish of Goldman Sachs, Google must delete the complete Gmail account. Although Google had earlier complied with the request of blocking all access to the account on the order of the court, Google has shown no intentions of deleting the account yet.


All the issues are about an e-mail that was sent to an unknown Gmail account by an outside consultant in June. The e-mail contained confidential information about a financial services and information about clients. In order to make amends for the mistake, Goldman Sachs filed for a court order such that the e-mail stays away from the wrong hands. The court realizing the gravity of the situation immediately asked Google to block all access to the e-mail. There was full cooperation from Google as it immediately blocked the account.

Interestingly, this has not pleased Goldman Sachs. According to the recent information received, Goldman Sachs has requested for complete deletion of the account. According to the company, the existence of the e-mail does pose a threat to a lot of people although it is in a blocked state.

The company wants to avoid the financial and reputational damage which poses a risk for them as well. But Google has not responded in a positive manner about the deletion request. According to an employee of Google’s Incident Response Team, no email or account cannot be deleted without a legal order.

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