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FTC says T-Mobile added bogus charges into mobile bills for years

The United States authorities have filed a written complaint against one of the most used carriers in the region. The authorities have lodged the complaint against T-Mobile accusing the carrier of imposing bogus amounts on the bills of the customers. According to the complaint launched, T-Mobile has been accused of ‘Cramming’ which is the act of charging users with false bills. There has been a growing unrest among the customers who were facing the problem of false ills over a few months.t-mobile-bogus-bill

The majority of the issues in this regard rise from the various subscriptions like Horoscope, Gossips from the celebrity world. Most of them are charged at about $9.99 per month. According to the reports submitted by the Federal Trade Commission, more that 30% of the income fir T-Mobile comes from such subscriptions. But the trouble is that most of the users claim that they never actually subscribed for any such things. Thus, when the customers are claiming that they have not subscribed, then that has to be a fault on the other side of the pitch.


In action to the growing unrest among the customers, the FTC has announced that it will be investigating the complaints and will be looking forward to help out in this respect. In a reaction to the lawsuit filed by the FTC against T-Mobile, the Chief Executive Officer, John Legere has stated in an e-mail that he was extremely disappointed with FTC about lodging the complaint. T-Mobile is presently ranked 4th in the United States among the wireless service providers.

Interestingly, T-Mobile also has the name for being the most user-friendly wireless service providers. T-Mobile was the first one to make texting free. With such a background of customer support, the obvious thing is that the lawsuit against T-Mobile needs some serious investigation.

According to the statements released by the Federal Trade Commission, T-Mobile had been deceptive in the approach that they used to provide the bills to the customers. T-Mobile ensured that all the charges were included in a specific way but never mentioned the name the exact amount of usage or the name of the vendor for which the consumer subscribed. According to Jessica Rich, the numbers of complaints about the false charges on the bills by T-Mobile were increasing day by day.

FTC has also stated that the main aim of the lawsuit is just to ensure that the users who have been ‘Crammed’ by T-Mobile get their hard-earned money back. Although charges for Third party services will not be charged from November this year, FTC wants justice for all who have been subjected to ‘Cramming’ by T-Mobile. The lawsuit is presently under United States District Court of Western District of Washington.

Full Image of the T-Mobile’s sample bill:

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