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Google shutting down its social network Orkut this September

Orkut is now Google’s new target for being slaughtered off. Orkut is one of the most successful and the original launch in the world of social media network. Although this social media had gained much space in Brazil and India but remained in the dormant state in the Western world. But unfortunately Google to made this cruel announcement right when the World Cup Soccer tournament taken place in Brazil.google-orkut

In a blog post titled “Tchau Orkut,” (the Portuguese translation of “bye” or “Farewell”) Google states that the social media such as YouTube, Blogger and Google + has somewhere barred the growth of Orkut as social media. Google now along with the YouTube and Blogger communities is trying to harp on making the best use of its online presence. It has planned to switch off the Orkut by the 30th September this year.


Until then, there will be no impact on current Orkut users, to give the community time to manage the transition. In this context, Google has to say that:

“People can export their profile data, community posts, and photos using Google Takeout.” However, Google will not allow creating any Google account. In the middle of everything, people will be able to access the archive of possible public communities on the search index till September 26. People who desire not be a part of this archival community can deactivate their Orkut account permanently.

The company has ensured to come out with the one official note saying:

“It’s been a great 10 years, and we apologize to those still actively using the service.”

It is true that in the past few years Orkut was almost swiped out from the race of the emerging social media such as in racing with Facebook or Twitter. Another app is being killed by Google is its QuickOffice suit. The fact that Google had launched Quickoffice to help its own applications is not unknown to a lot of you. And it seems that Google has achieved the aims with distinction. With the launch of a series of editing applications for mobile, Google has now paved the way for Quickoffice to rest in peace. Quickoffice was one of the main productivity applications for Google and its being replaced by its Drive-connected apps like Docs, Sheets and Slides.

What’s your opinion? Will the killing of Orkut help Google+ or Facebook?

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