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Linux steps in as a managed Service; thanks to $8m fund raised by CoreOS

Linux steps in with another good investment as CoreOS, a Linux-based distribution system for very large server deployments announced earlier today that a whooping amount of $8 million has been raised. This is the second investment that has been incurred into Linux in the recent times. To add to it, Linux has also announced that it, will be launching licensed products in efforts to earn some revenue. The launch of the first licensed product CoreOS managed LINUX is considered to the initial steps taken by Linux in the direction.coreos-managed-linux-screenshot

The system has been designed with the features that will efficiently take care of machines in the system. According to the reports, Companies who book up to 10 servers will have to pay approximately about $100 per month for the basic plan. The price rises when you register yourself as a premium user.


The extra features provided include support 24×7 via phone and email. With the rise in the number of servers, the price also increases and reaches up to $2100 per month for 50 servers at basic plan. The amount for premium users is expected to be around $6600 per month.

Considering the fact that Linux has regained some of the momentum that it lost to Google, it is probably the right time to bring in CoreOS. Unlike the previous times, Linux will not be providing the users with everything. The applications will be linked to the core features of the operating system.

Part of the Press Release:

“The technology behind CoreOS is game-changing,” said Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers general partner, Mike Abbott. “CoreOS is solving infrastructure problems that have plagued the space for years with an operating system that not only automatically updates and patches servers with the latest software, but also provides less downtime, furthering the security and resilience of internet architecture.”

The new Managed Linux service level is available for purchase through a monthly subscription and provides:

  • Availability on platforms including Bare Metal, Amazon, Google, and Rackspace, among others;
  • Docker 1.0 — the container runtime for application packaging;
  • CoreUpdate – a hosted dashboard for full control of rolling updates; and
  • FastPatch – stress-free patches and updates.

“Docker is leading the way in the containerized data center and is excited to see such great innovation in the space,” said Solomon Hykes, CTO and founder of Docker. “CoreOS is providing an innovative approach to running Docker on an exceptionally lightweight, easy-to-update, minimal OS, and we can’t wait to see what is in store for the company in the future.”

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