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Google Android Studio and L Developer Preview: Full release is coming

Google has already rolled out new Android Studio Beta along with the new firmware Android L Developer Preview. With this new development environment, developers can easily create apps for smartwatches as well as Android TV. The announcement was made at the Google I/O event held at San Francisco. New associated software development kit (SDK) was also unveiled by Google. The amount of bugs and shortcomings in Android Studio Beta could force Google to release the final edition of the software soon.android-studio-loading

Google had announced the preview version of the Android Studio back at its Google I/O event in 2013. It’s an IntelliJ-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment).


It’s still unclear when Google launches the final version of the program. Currently, developers are using Eclipse IDE based SDK, while the new Android Studio will simplify and optimize the general app development compared to the earlier version. According to the experts in the field, the full version of Android Studio will be launched in coming weeks. Analysts expect the launch of final edition soon, as the beta version of the developer program comes with many bugs. If there are bugs in the system, expect the bug fixes soon, and we know Google won’t play with that.

Android Studio build supports multiple APKs (Application Package File) for many kind of devices at once. This new beta program also has a dedicated app wizard for the creation of apps for Android TV and Android Wear. This new app wizards were placed to attract more developers for easy creation of applications for new platforms.

Meanwhile, Google has removed the Android NDK support (Native Development Kit) from the Android Studio, which will not help those developers who use languages like C++ and C to create some parts of their applications. However, Google has stated that the NDK support will be added when the final edition of Android Studio releases.

You can download these components through the Android SDK Manager:

  • L Developer Preview SDK Tools
  • L Developer Preview Emulator System Image – 32-bit (64-bit experimental emulator image coming soon)
  • L Developer Preview Emulator System Image for Android TV (32-bit)

Today, we are also providing system image downloads for these Nexus devices to help with your testing as well:

  • Nexus 5 (GSM/LTE) “hammerhead” Device System Image
  • Nexus 7 [2013] – (WiFi) “razor” Device System Image

You can download both of these system images from the L Developer Preview site.

More information on Android L Developer Preview and Android Studio, visit here.

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