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Verizon faces pathetic widespread billing system outage

Twitter is now filled with the bubbling anger and frustration of Version customers for its continuous outage affecting several geographical regions of the United States. The outage was reported on Thursday by Verizon where people did not hesitate to outpour their anger in the social media. Later, Verizon has officially announced the outage and fixed the system.verizon-outrage

Verizon Wireless users complained that they are unable to procure the self-served online services which are hassle to many of their daily chores such as paying bills, recharging their phones. However, a few customers reported that they have been able to access the data services and phone calls.


Version accepts the following outage on Friday and at the same assured the customers that they working hard to resolve the matter. The company did not talk specifically on the issues responsible for this hassle, but it deliberately hinted on the problem.

When users were accessing their My Verizon page, it was showing this error:

“We apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to serving you more fully the next time you sign in.”

Laura Merritt, the Verizon spokesperson said in a statement:

“We are still experiencing issues with our billing system that is affecting customer’s accounts mostly in the Northeast, Midwest and some southern states. This is an internal billing system issue that does not affect the network’s ability to connect calls, deliver text messages or use data services. This is taking longer to resolve than any of us would like. The good news is that we have identified the issue and are working hard to ensure we have the right fix to solve it.”

It is still not in the count that regarding the number of people being affected by this outage, but it is true that the complaint posted on twitter are from different geographical regions such are New York, Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, Tennessee and New Hampshire. However, a lot of customer has been facing this problem for nearly two days. The outage is for long 48+ hours, and reflects a message says ‘system update’.

Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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