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CNBC co-host inadvertently ‘outed’ Apple CEO Tim Cook as gay

The Friday morning didn’t go well as it was expected to go for CNBC. In a live TV programme, Apple CEO Tim Cook has been called as gay by the co-host Simon Hobbs.cnbc

The statement was made on the segment named “Squawk on the Street” run by CNBC. The statement made by the co-host of the show grabbed some real attention to the channel. It is quite obvious and clear that there was no intention to get entangled with the sexual orientation of Apple CEO Tim Cook, but the unfortunate words did make it awkward for the channel and its associates.


The words that created the unending ripples through the media were spoken by Simon Hobbs who co-hosts the Squawk on the Street show on CNBC. In a question to the columnist Jim Stewart Hobbs said,

“I think Tim Cook is fairly open about the fact that he’s gay at the head of Apple isn’t he?”

The actual discussion was about the release of a book by John Browne, the former CEO of BP. In that book, John has discussed about various incidents and issues of his personal life. With the growing discussion, came the unwanted question!

The situation was handled to a certain extent when Jim Stewart silently refused to comment on the personal lives and thus maintained a situation which played for damage control.

Here is the video of the discussion:


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