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Facebook Home App creator team dismantled

Facebook has seen a lot of the world to realize that having just an own fan following might just not enough to take on the competitors. Thus, the way devised by them is to buy out the competitors like Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. But in this context of gaining control, Facebook might just have broken the hearts of a quite a few original fans of the social messaging site. According to the reports that have surfaced, the creator team behind the Facebook Home application has been dismantled.enabling-facebook-home

According to the recent reports, Facebook has shown a concern over the Facebook Home App turning out to be one of the failed projects by Facebook. As Facebook has had a past with such incidents to talk about, it will not be fair to blame the social messaging site to show its concern. But from a marketing point of view, the experts are off to a belief that the dismantling of the Facebook Home application might turn off a few fans.


The news of Facebook Home App came up on the surface last year as the application caught everyone’s senses. The application was to do all the same stuffs as done by the website and the other general Facebook applications but in a different way. All of this was to be done by an application that was to be integrated to the home screen of your Android device. The idea looked quite interesting but it did not work out perfect for it.

Although all the people did not speak wrong about it, but the experts especially took a note that the flaws were pointed out in quite a harsh way. Although the application was not perfect at its primary release, but the scope of development was huge. But the risks involved were also high which has probably forced Facebook to shut down the wing and dismantle the engineering crew.

However, a Facebook spokesperson has denied the report and said in a statement:

“There is a team working on Home and the experience is still supported and available in the Google Play store.”

Recently, Facebook has killed its Snapchat-like app Poke and also discontinued its Camera app as well.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s Home app for Android still exists on Google Play Store, which was last updated on January 2013, nearly 6 months ago. Have you been using this homescreen on your Android smartphones?

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