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General Motors recalls another 474,000 vehicles over safety issues

This news is from Detroit where General Motors (NASDAQ:GM) have made a crucial announcement of allowing more rounds of recalls. This time the company is going to target 474,000 vehicles, especially all those vehicles counted top-sellers, for resolving the concerned safety issues. The company has planned to cover up more than 20 million cars and trucks in the next 48 recalls this year ensuring the safety issues. Ironically, this recall affects around 467,00 four-wheel drive Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Yukon, Chevrolet Tahoe, and GMC Sierra.Chevrolet-Silverado

The news says that the in the recent models to be prepared between, 2014-2015 may have software safety glitches concerned with the transmission transfer and cases into neutral. According to General Motors, this disorder may lead to loss of power and may lead trucks rolling away if parked. As of now, no cases of crashes and injuries are reported.


GM said Friday that 4,000 Cruzes from Canada are included in the recall.

The other serious problem that is a becoming a headache in its success is the inclusion of the faulty air bag inflators. Almost everybody knows the fact that Chevrolet Cruze Sedans, are among the best-selling cars in the United States. In such cases, the bad air bag inflators may injure the drivers throwing back the metal pieces. However, besides these two major concerns, the other recalls are insignificant and have not reported any injuries as such.

A fault has been reported by Chevrolet SS police cars with windshield wiper modules. Here the gear teeth were stripped making the wipers to fail. The propose solution to this problem is that dealers will get opportunity to replace the two gear shock absorbers.

The recent ignition switch problem made GM to review its safety precautions on every vehicle, which was later proved to be investigated by the Justice Department, Congress and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in US. The company has already paid $35 million fine to NHTSA because of the delay in reporting the problems to the safety agency. The ignition switch problem caused the company total of $2 billion.

On Thursday, NHTSA posted documents that showed the General Motors would recall about 29,000 Chevrolet Cruze compacts in the U.S. for an air bag problem.

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