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Apple iPad Air 2 release date nears; iPad Mini 3 to follow

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) had its best WWDC event in early-June, where it has unveiled its software and new features as well. It’s time for the hardware; the company is expected to unveil iPad Air 2 in the coming months with rumors mentioning the release date and specifications of the upcoming tablet.iPad-6-Air-2 --1

The iPad Air 2 will see a significant upgrade in terms of performance and graphics with the A8 chip. The A8 chip is designed to improve battery life and efficiency. The tablet will support 4K  ultra-high definition TV for external displays. The Air 2 will sport a 9.7-inch LCD display with the same resolution (2048 x 1536) of its predecessor and will be made by LG, Samsung and Sharp. ETNews has mentioned that the company has started producing displays in June and other parts and the camera module will be produced by next month.


The iPad Air will need more GPU clusters if it is to deal with the upgraded output. A bump to 4K support for external displays would be very positive,” as mentioned by SeekingAlpha.

The TouchID feature which was introduced on the iPhone 5S and absent on the iPad Air will make its way into the upcoming iPad Air 2. Apple is set enhance gaming possibilities with the new Metal API as users will see a 5x to 10x improvement in graphics. The feature is mentioned as “the most exiting and influential feature” that is expected to be introduced on the iPad Air 2 and rumored iPad Mini 3. The feature will be able to deliver console-quality graphics on the tablet.

According to images from nowhereelse.fr, the iPad Air 2 is similar to the build of iPad Air with a change in button design and home button with Touch ID feature. The front camera of the iPad will be upgraded to 1.5MP and the rear camera to 8MP. iPad Air 2 is expected to be released earlier in October this year along with the iPad Mini 3. The tablet is being called as the ‘Real Game Changer’ for Apple.

Apple seeks to dominate the tablet market with the iPad Air 2 as sales of iPad dropped from 19.48 million units to 16.35 million units in the previous quarter. The iPad Air remains as a popular choice among tablet users though a recent IDC survey revealed that iPad’s share in the market fell by 33 percent.

As always we do; we have to rely on early rumors and speculations about any Apple devices, including the next-gen iPhone and iPad. Just relax and enjoy the show, until the original product comes out of the lab to its launch event.

Leaked photos of alleged iPad Air 2:


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