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Google adds new features to Chromebook, including Android apps

Google announced new features like proximity log-in and access to Android apps for the Chrome OS at the Google I/O event is San Francisco.google-io-chrome-android-app

Chromebook can now be unlocked with the proximity log-in feature with the help of a smartphone and logging-in into Chrome apps. Google also added some Android apps to Chrome OS  as Flipboard, Vine and Evernote was demonstrated on-stage. However only a limited number of Android apps will be available for the Chrome OS. Users can run Android apps on the Chromebook via .apk files using the smartphone’s screen.


New features have been added to Chromebook’s notification center that will notify the user about low battery level, calls and incoming messages. The new features are likely to function through Google new Android L mobile OS. Google’s Android head Sundar Pichai mentioned that the Chrome apps are similar to Android apps and require minimal modifications from developers. The apps on Chromebook will be able to access the camera feature as it would utilize Chromebook’s underlying API’s.

Chromebook models are available in 15 different models produced by eight different companies and are priced between $200 and $300. The Chrome OS is dependent on the Chrome web browser similar to the browser on Windows and Mac. The Chrome OS requires internet connectivity for use of its online apps and cloud based storage though Google is slowly introducing offline apps for the Chromebook. The Chromebook is gaining popularity among budget laptop users due to its low-priced access to tools and services and the laptop is already on the list of top ten laptops on Amazon.

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