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Facebook’s Slingshot app officially launched on iOS and Android

The much awaited and the much talked about social messaging application from Facebook has at last gone live officially. Slingshot which has been more often than not compared to another anonymous social messaging application like Snapchat has finally gone live on the Play Store for the users. According to the recent reports that have come through from the developers, the social messaging application has already received a great response from the users.slingshot-app

Slingshot will be available for the users to download from the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store from today onwards. The first rumors about Facebook developing soothing like Snapchat came up in the month of May and the internet media was taken into a meticulous discussion. The application had been compared to Snapchat vigorously during the last month or so. And as it can be seen, there are quite a few similarities between the two applications.


Just like Snapchat, Slingshot is also a typical anonymous social messaging application where you can share your views with a wide group of people. The other features like messaging; sharing of images, etc remains the same. The messages will self destruct on conclusion of the session as in case of Snapchat as well. In case of a message that has not been viewed for a period of more than 30 days will also be destroyed.

The application has been launched for free on Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. As in case of people from other countries, the application will have to be downloaded from the just released shops. Slingshot will be available for Android 4.1 and above and iOS 7 and above.

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