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Nokia X2: Microsoft’s Android phone unveiled [hands-on video]

New Nokia X2 Android phone has been launched, especially is now targeting on the emerging markets. It’s Microsoft’s (MSFT) first android device (Second device by Nokia; we hope you remember the $7.2 billion acquisition). The Redmond‘s spokesperson clearly stated that they are not in the league of producing high-end smartphones. X2 is simply an entry-level handset aimed at the low-priced smartphone market. However, it is true that Nokia has also been trying in the same niche, the smartphones like X, X+ and XL Android smartphones are already in the market.nokia-x2-android-phone-colors

Features of this new Nokia X2 Android:

The firmware of this new launched smartphone is “Nokia X software platform 2.0”. The user interface provided in the device is absolutely fantastic including three kinds of home screens situated for the navigation, services and content including the resemblance from the Windows Phone’s Live Tiles, and prioritizing the recent application. Users can also pin the content from the home screen by using the multitasking facility used in the phone. Interestingly, X2 will not by the support by the Google services and customers will have to look up to Microsoft.

It is true that buying this phone will demand a couple of sacrifices from the customers end. For example; they will be devoid of using Gmail or Google Drive. But obviously they will be facilitated by the Outlook.com, OneDrive, Skype, OneNote, and Bing Search app. The X2 mobile is going to work on the Opera’s mobile rather than facilitating the Android browser. As per Nokia’s comment in February, nearly, 75% of the running Android applications will be functioning in an unmodified version. The remaining 25% of the Android application will soon be modified on the X platform. Well, this seems to be good news for people who are already planning to grab this handset soon, as it will be exposed to thousands of applications running on X2 device.

Every device is promulgated by its own merits and demerits. Microsoft’s Nokia X2 specs are slightly disappointing in terms of its hardware. Nevertheless, the company has its own flagship; this handset facilitates with the 4.3-inch display with 800 x 480 pixels display along with the ClearBack technology and latest Corning Gorilla Glass. As far as the processor is concerned the device is powered by the low-end 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 dual-core processor along with 1GB of RAM and 4GB internal storage. The Nokia X2 Android Phone supports micro SD memory cards of up to 32GB expandable storage space.


In the line of other interesting feature, one can search for 5 megapixel camera accompanied with flash and 720p HD video capture. Although it is not strongly powered with user-facing facing camera, as it supplemented only with 0.3 megapixels. Nokia X2 works on both 3G and 2G cellular data, but lacks the facility of working on LTE 4G (It’s a budget phone though!).

Microsoft aims at the potentially emerging market, as Nokia X2 is going to be priced around $135 and going sold in Asia and Africa in the beginning of July 2014.


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