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US mayors calls FCC and Congress to support net neutrality

Mayors of San Francisco, New York, Boston and 14 other cities in the United States have supported net neutrality by passing a resolution and urged the White House and Congress to bring in strong and robust net neutrality rules.us-conference-logo-dallas-conference

The new resolution will prevent Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) from charging fees from content providers and favoring specific websites. The resolution was adopted at the US conference of mayors in Dallas and was passed by a unanimous vote. Mayors Lee, Jonathan Rothchild of Tuscon, Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles and Ed Murray of Seattle introduced the resolution.

According to the resolution passed at the conference,

“The US conference of Mayors supports securing a commitment to transparency and the free flow of information over the Internet, including no blocking of lawful websites and no unreasonable discrimination of lawful network traffic.”

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) earlier prevented ISP’s from charging fess from websites who wanted to appear faster on search results. However the Federal Court ruled that the FCC did not have the power to enforce net neutrality under the current rules. Tom Wheeler, Chairman of FCC introduced a “net-Neutrality” framework that would provide “fast-lanes” and “slow-lanes” on ISP networks which was criticized by analysts for lack of neutrality.

Net neutrality is set to gain from the gesture of mayors who showed their support by passing the resolution as a part of the 117 resolutions (pdf) that was passed this year. The FCC is urging consumers to provide feedback on the second set of rules brought on net neutrality by sending an email on DearFCC.org. Supporters of net neutrality hoping for favorable decision on the long pending issue.

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