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Honda, Nissan and Mazda joins Takata’s faulty airbag recall storm

Japanese Takata Corp. is in deep trouble as the car-makers are recalling their vehicles worldwide due to the defective airbag issues and now Honda, Nissan and Mazda joins to the recall spree by issuing recalls on about 3 million vehicles to fix the faulty inflator propellant manufactured at Takata’s North American factory.inflated-takata-airbag

Globally, Takata’s defective airbags caused many car manufacturers to recall over 10 million vehicles in past five years. Honda revealed that the two deaths due to an accident happened in United States in 2009 has been linked to the faulty airbag. The company also stated that it has 41 cases of ruptured airbags.


Takata Corp. CEO Shigehisa Takada said in a statement:

“We will aim to further strengthen our quality control system and work united as a company to prevent problems from happening again.”

Earlier this month, Takata Corp. has notified the car manufactures that the defective airbag inflators might have been delivered to the car-makers due to the faulty record-keeping occurred in Takata’s North American plant. These affected parts have been shipped to assembly factories in global market as well.

Honda issued recalls on 1.02 million vehicles in North America (Civic, CR-V, Element and Odyssey) making it total 2.03 million vehicles worldwide. Over 150,000 vehicles were recalled in Europe (Civic, Stream, Jazz, Fit and CR-V), while more than 660,000 vehicles were recalled in Japan. All of these automobiles were made between April 2000 to October 2002.

Nissan issued recalls on 228,000 vehicles in North America (Infiniti FX35, Cube and Pathfinder) making it total 755,000 vehicles worldwide. Over 128,000 units were recalled in Japan (Teanna and X-Trail), but the company hasn’t provided the details about the European recall. No injury reports revealed.

Mazda recalled over 11,000 vehicles in Japan, over 90,000 units in Europe and nearly 15,000 vehicles in North America, making it total of 160,000 vehicle recalls worldwide, including first-gen Mazda 6 and RX-8. No injury reports revealed by Mazda too.

This isn’t over yet. These three companies as well as BMW, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota has also announced to issue regional recalls in US to fix/replace defective airbags in some of their vehicles in Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Florida, as these are the regions with high humidity in air and determined by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of United States. The regionally recalled vehicles includes  Mazda 6, RX8, Mazda Speed 6, 2004 MPVs, Ford GTs, Ranger pickup trucks and Mustang cars. Ford issued recalls on nearly 59,000 vehicles, while Mazda recalls 34,600.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry if you have a vehicle with Takata’s airbag installed in it. Because most of the vehicles recalled are made in 2000-2004, while the airbags were made in and around the year 2000. But the faulty record keeping caused many companies to recall many vehicles to avoid any possible incidents due to inadvertently received defective material.

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