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LinkedIn launches dedicated Job Search App for iPhone

The popular professional social network website LinkedIn (NASDAQ:LNKD) has launched its dedicated job search app for iOS called ‘LinkedIn Job Search’ exclusively for Apple iPhone users.linkedin-job-search-ios-app-screenshot

According to the announcement in its official blog, the new LinkedIn Job Search app wants to help those LinkedIn users who search for new jobs in the social network on their mobile devices. The company has launched the app only for United States and there is no word mentioned about the dedicated Job Search app for Android smartphones.


Although it’s still unclear about the Windows Phone and BlackBerry app, According to Tech Times, LinkedIn Job Search for Android will be launched later in 2014.

Once you download the application from App Store, you can login to the Job Search app using your LinkedIn credentials. The app has a ‘menu’ button placed at the bottom of the app, where you can search for new openings, browse recommended jobs, go through the popular job openings. If you feel irritated because of many unnecessary notifications, you may clear the alerts via the same navigation button.

LinkedIn has provided easy options and filters for job search using the application, where you can filter the new job openings sorted by date, relevance, industry, levels, functions and more. If LinkedIn thinks you have a suitable job offer, it will notify you and then, you can instantly apply for the job on a single tap.

You can go through the functionality and features of LinkedIn Job Search app in the embedded slides at the end of the post.

Users will also be notified if their job application has been viewed by the employers/HR via the notification center. If you save any searches, then the matching openings will also be notified to you.

LinkedIn also noted that the job searches done using the app will be kept private to avoid the users’ consequences with coworkers and boss. That means, if you search or save any job search in the LinkedIn Job Search app, then it will not reflect on your web profile.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn is quite busy in rolling out more features to its premium users. Recently, the company introduced a new premium membership accounts called Premium Spotlight for $10 per month. LinkedIn’s other premium membership subscription costs between $30-$440 per month depending on the options you choose.

LinkedIn had announced the 300 million users mark long ago and still continues to run with the same amount of users. As the social network is purely for professionals, it looks more towards gaining premium accounts rather than increasing the junk user-base. Well, it’s a nice strategy that might help the company run for a long-term.

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