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FCC to penalize a Chinese firm CTS Technology for illegal business in US

FCC is literally all set to make a world record by penalizing a Chinese online retailer company. The Federal Communications Commission will be penalizing the Chinese company named CTS Technology for an allegedly illegal business of selling signal jammers to and of approximately 285 kinds to the United States Citizens. According to the statement by the commission, CTS has been selling the signal jammers for over a period of two years now. According to the rule, no company is allowed to sell illegal signal jammers in the United States Market.

Federal Communications Commission to penalize a Chinese Firm with $35 million penalty


The Chinese Electronic device manufacturer and retailer C.T.S Technology Companies Limited has been enlisted as the one who is responsible for selling illegal signal jammers in the US market at huge rate over the period of last two years. The calculations of the amount of penalty have been drawn in by the FCC considering the degree of the jammers and the uses that they have had. It will be for the first time in the history of the FCC, that the amount of penalty is as big as approximately $35 millions.

The acting chief of the FCC has stated that no domestic or foreign company has the authority to sell illegal jammers to the people of the United States. He also stated that the people who used the jammers are also being tracked down and they will face their due penalties. According to the reports by the FCC, The Chinese Company does not deal solely in illegal electronic equipments. The company also sells other electronic devices including Signal Jammers which are permitted by FCC. The case against C.T.S Technology is that they sold the illegal jammers stating false that the FCC approves it.

According to FCC, the company has been cheating its customers in this way for the last two years. The bust from the Federal Communications Commission came in when C.T.S Technology unknowingly sold the illegal jammers to 10 agents of FCC.

The penalty that has been imposed on C.T.S Technology is the highest amount in the history. Along with the whooping $35 million penalty, the FCC will also be probably ban C.T.S Technology from selling any kind of Signals in future. The reports state that this ban is important as it will not allow the company to cheat on the buyers in future again. Detailed filing can be seen in the source link.

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