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German publishers demand more from Google, Bing and Yahoo search

German publishers are now going to be pretty tough deal as they are demanding cut from Microsoft, Google and Yahoo. A galaxy of agencies has complained a file against Google, mentioning that Google should share the revenue for content sharing, quoting and linking produced by the German publishers.google-logo-screen-closeup

The concerned publishers from the Germany are now demanding for the 11 percent portion of the gross sales as well as the foreign sales derived from the newspapers and magazines. Right now, the matter is with the primary judicial board but, if it definitely the team of German publishers would be taking firm steps.


In one of the press release (Translated), VG media is now expecting a share of revenue for everyone that it trying to ‘infringe on the ancillary copyright’ of its employees. This includes many search engine data base such as Bing and Yahoo and Google. Seeing the economic extravaganza of the demand made, one can say that the similar demands from the third-party will affect the cash flow on Google’s part.

However, it is true that the results are not instantaneous; people from the European countries have been thinking on this line and disagreeing on the business ethics by Google. Media Pundit Jeff Jarvis said in his blog post:

Google is never going to pay for the right to quote and link to content. That would ruin not only its business but also the infrastructure of knowledge online.

Google has signed an antitrust settlement in the early part of this year with the European Union, regarding the advertising habits. The deal says that the companies now will have to provide an alternative link besides the advertisement.

Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land points out:

To figure an 11% payment here, the publishers would apparently want to know any time their content appeared with ads on search results pages. Then, if any of those ads produced revenue, they want 11% of that. It’s a difficult but not impossible task for Google to figure this out. It already tells publishers through Google Webmaster Tools what the visibility of their pages are like. It could clearly tell for a particular publisher if pages are showing in the top results.

Nevertheless, the recent genesis in matter is that the Court of Justice of the European Union is that European users have authority for ordering Google for de-listing links about the concerned company. Not to forget, in France, Google was forced to display court notice in its homepage for 48 hours.

This is not the first time hassle for Google in Germany. Earlier in 2010, Germany regulatory ordered Google to roll out strong ‘opt-out’ program for its Street View, which led the search giant to mask over 244,000 German locations, by pixelating the photos.

One can wait for further news between the tussle between VG media and Google. Stay tuned for more updates.

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