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NextDoor App Launched for Android Users

Social network app NextDoor App is now available for Android Users. It’s now available in android market  90 days after the release of the app in iOS app store. Now this app will bring neighborhood news & alerts straight to your android devices.

“Nextdoor has become the lifeline to the neighborhood. Neighbors rely on Nextdoor for straightforward things like finding a babysitter, to personal things like finding a lost pet, to critical things like hearing about a rash of break-ins,” co-founder and CEO Nirav Tolia said in a statement.


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The app was fast approaching. It has 14,000 members in may and now around 20,000 members till now. the users  will find a similar user interface Web-based Nextdoor platform  in the new android app. At present it is available in 50 districts and Sending over a million messages a day which will show that the popularity of the app.

If you want to use the app, you must identify yourself by your address or your banking Information or phone number before singing up for their free services. The app features some feature to be connected safe and anytime to the neighborhood. You can post some suspicious activities, which you have noticed and can post it directly on NextDoor to alert your neighbors. Did you lost your pet cat or dog? Simply post the photo on the App and if any one found it they simply reply to your message.

The users can also search for baby sitters in their neighbor hood which will make the work easy and simple without a heck. “Technology can play a role in bringing back a sense of community,” Tolia told PCMag. The Nextdoor app is now available online for android, go and grab it to become the first set of members!


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