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Facebook’s Android app is now lighter; consumes less data in emerging markets

Facebook’s Android app is now 65 percent lighter and it consumes 50 percent less data than before. In many scenarios it has been seen as a trend that with age, the craze of something diminishes and it is replaced by something else. But with the great social networking site of Facebook, the things are completely different. With development of the Facebook applications for all forms of mobile platforms, Facebook has actually gone on to make social networking grown in it! In the recent times, Facebook has released few updates which are rather aimed at improving quality of service that the social networking giant is putting through for its users.facebook-android-app

The recent update on Facebook’s mobile application includes various different facilities on liking and tagging posts. While all of these updates were just sinking into the system of a daily Facebook guy, the authorities came in with the measures to boost up the speed of the application by a great deal.


After the recent trip to the distant parts of Africa by the Facebook development team, the conclusion was set up that the speed at which the application runs is not enough for the distant places in the continents like Africa. Thus, the return of the Facebook development team from Africa marked the beginning of the work to boost up the speed of the application itself.

Our trip to Africa really highlighted the importance of our work on mobile performance, data efficiency, networking reliability, and application size for emerging markets. We’ve made a concerted effort to improve in all these areas and achieved a significant amount of success in the past year.

The latest additions to the Facebook application was added on and released for the users this Thursday and they have already been declared as a hit. The updates include liking pictures, posts, links, etc and all of this while you are on even online via your profile.

According to the users, this does certainly add a complete new dimension to the act of social networking. In a statement, Facebook Engineer, Alex Sourov said that development of Facebook to deliver the best service to its users is the main aim for the developers down there.

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