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T-Mobile CEO fires Amazon phone after 12K iPhone 5s test drives

As Amazon has launched Fire Phone as an AT&T-exclusive smartphone, T-Mobile CEO John Legere seems to have taken a heart to it. According to the recent reports, T-Mobile CEO John Legere has indirectly stated Fire Smartphone as one out of the normal kind. He focused on praising his company’s iPhone 5s test drive initiative by downgrading Amazon as a nonsense device.

T – Mobile CEO John Legere speaks over 12K iPhone 5S Test Drives


Amazon Fire, the long-awaited Smartphone from Amazon was launched this week. The finest specification about this Amazon Smartphone is the dynamic Perspective, a 3D interface that allows the viewers to have a viewing experience like never before. As a matter of fact, the announcements in relation to the test drive of iPhone 5s with T-Mobile was also announced literally along the same timeline which again sparked of the truffle between the two carriers.

In reaction to the huge market expectation of Amazon Fire, T-Mobile CEO John Legere also stipulated about the test drive with iPhone 5S has already done wonders with more than 12000 deals in less than 36 hours. We have not heard anything in relation to these issues from either of Amazon or Apple. T-Mobile CEO has also inconspicuously spoken a lot about AT&T and Verizon looting from the customers.

Under T-Mobile test drive, T-Mobile allow users to take an Apple iPhone 5s handset out for a seven-day spin at no cost and with unlimited nationwide service.

There is quite a word spread around in the market that Amazon Fire will be the rightful one to compete against iPhone. With T-Mobile CEO John Legere breaking loose, all that needs to be done is wait for the drama to unfold.

Recently, T-Mobile has also introduced unRadio music streaming service by partnering with Rhapsody and the service will be live from June 23rd onwards for free to T-Mobile’s Simple Choice customers on 4G LTE data service.

T-Mobile unRadio is a new music service that is completely ad free, and lets you skip all you want. You can choose your music and replay your favorites any time – all from a catalog of over 20 million songs. T-Mobile’s unRadio service will be available for other customers of the carrier for $4 per month.

Mr. Legere has also taken to social media to air his displeasure on the deal:

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