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Apple iWatch rumors: Production in July, October launch & multiple designs

With every passing day, the expectancy about the iWatch by Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is growing like a wild-fire in the electronic media. And just like the scenarios that occur before a prime launch, the internet media is filled with words about iWatch itself! Well, according to the recent rumors, Apple is planning to launch its most awaited iWatch with various designs and different screen sizes. Although there is no news about initiation of production of the smart gadget, the rumors have it that Quanta will head on with the productions probably in July.

Apple’s iWatch may flaunt different screen sizes


According to the reports that have come through, there is quite some amount of speculations about the screen size of the iWatch by Apple. According to the rumors, iWatch will be expected to have a 2.5 inch screen with a slight protruding display such that it allows the space for touch senses.

Among the speculated features the one that catches the attention is the sensor that will take a note of the heartbeat and the pulse of the one wearing the gadget. According to the experts, if Apple pulls it through, health tracking sphere will probably get its most effective gadget.

Taiwan’s Quanta is supposedly the one with the responsibility of production of the iWatchs. The manufacturing company is expected to manufacture approximately around 50 million units or near about for the first lot to go under the hammer. With the launch of devices like LG LifeBand Touch falling short of the mark, the expectations from iWatch will be quite high.

It was precisely the month of February when it was estimated that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) might just go into mass production of devices with Sapphire glass. According to the recent reports that have come through, the production of Sapphire glass has been enough to serve the manufacturing needs of Apple’s iPhone and iWatch.

Apple is expected to launch its smartwatch in October and will produce 3 million to 5 million devices in a month, according to industry sources.

In April, MacRumors reported that Apple’s trademark will now include watches and clocks. The extension will be covering Class 14, and that it will include the previous products, as well as cufflinks, bracelets, tie clips, necklaces and other such similar items. This says Apple may, possibly use this extension for creation of products like an iWatch, though the possibility remains with Apple if it will branch out based on trademark expansion into other types of products connected. As Apple had already announced Healthkit inside iOS 8 mobile OS, analysts expect to see a health-related wearable hardware in upcoming launch event. We can’t ignore the partnership between Apple and Nike FuelBand.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, iWatch may come with 1.3-inch and 1.5-inch variants, in which one of the variants may fetch a price of a few thousand US Dollars. Other features expected include an NFC chip, sapphire covers, flexible AMOLED display tech, and some biometric functionality.

According to the AppleInsider, Apple already patented its flexible iWatch with touchscreen display as well as the “slap bracelet” mechanism to conform the users’ wrist.

Until Apple makes it official, we have to rely on these iWatch rumors as we always does with its other products. Just keep calm and swallow these rumors and speculations. Stay tuned for more latest updates on Apple’s wearables. Check out our coverage on Apple iWatch Rumors. (The photo of wristbands attached above is a concept image)

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