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Science is over nature now, Mountain top blasted off for giant telescope

It is true that the machine and man has always tried establishing its successive power over nature and this time nature is going to be slaughtered off to enhance the space and time  for similar ones. The wonderful top of Chilean mountain Cerro Armazones of 3000m height was put to rubble yesterday. The idea behind this enormous natural stripping was to form the site for the world’s largest optical and infrared telescope.e-elt-telescope-chile

The plan says that the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) is going to be under the frame and will be designed with a primary mirror of 39m in diameter. Obviously, one will have to wait for next 10 years for this miracle to happen.


E-ELT programme manager Roberto Tamai said:

“Today we cannot even imagine what will be discovered with this facility. I feel excited. We are opening a highway for the future knowledge of astronomy.”

The diameter of the telescope will be around the 15 times more than the present innovations of telescope, allowing the larger light intensity functioning. However, as far as the Cerro Amazones peak is concerned it is now reduced to the 30m after the blasting, as the engineers ended up in giving it a form of plateau for placing their observatory on Chile’s Atacama Desert.

Nevertheless, the desert has also been an area of interest for many other scientists so far, as the Chile is the driest desert in the world. Thus, it offers the best observatory conditions. One can find many other leading telescopes situated in the area such as ALMA array etc. For E-ELT, one should be hopeful about the incredible technology it is going to produce in the early next decade defining a new perspective about the science.

People have already started with the expectation mixed speculative comments. The operator, the European Observatory, comments that the telescope aims at finding the extra-solar Earth like plants, based on the other recent discoveries made by Kepler and the science experts. It may also end up in defining the new fundamental laws of physics and dark energy or resolving the issues of black hole.

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